New Orleans: Part 4

We finally found some inspiration, and did some photo walking around the city. For about 20 minutes.

We were soaking up the city, not trying to take it home with us.

Everywhere we went we saw contrasts between old and new.

And sometimes just old.

The next morning we packed up our things, said goodbye to our lovely basecamp, and hit the road for Houston.

Yup. That’s a coffee shop on Bilbo Street.

At one point, I got a text from Alaska Airlines, saying our flight was delayed. After 20 minutes on the phone we found out that Seattle had snowed us in (again!?), and we had time for one final taste of Texas BBQ before going home.

When Seattle decides to snow us in, it doesn’t mess around. We arrived around 11, and there were no hotel rooms. We found a (relatively) quiet bench, and tried to catch some Zs. We got maybe an hour of sleep.

Then we waited.

The planes were de-iced, and froze again. And we waited.

And waited.

When they closed the runways for the second time, we called for a hotel. I think I got the last room in Seattle with a shuttle. We rescheduled our flight for the next morning, and went to find a real dinner and bed.

The next day’s weather was much improved, and we made it home! Seattle, you may have stolen 40 hours from us, but you don’t get to keep us!

4 thoughts on “New Orleans: Part 4

  1. Gosh….you could’ve given us a call or even Andrew and Monica in West Seattle. Sorry you had such a terrible time in Seattle.

  2. My in-laws were the last plane to land on the runway that day before they closed the airport…they slid for about 1000 feet and stopped just short of the grass. Del used to fly planes and he was worried. So it is good they grounded you instead of taking risks but really again???

  3. I am sure, not haveing been affected by Katarina. That would have to be a life altering ordeal. The picture where you said you waited and waited. Was that in Houston. That really hit home for us. When we were adopting our son from Guatemala at 6month. The 4 of us were stuck in the Houston airport for 10 hours with no where to go. My husband had gotten a hold of bad food on the airline. He was sicker then sick. A baby we had just met and a 7 yr old. WE missed our fight do to problems on the runway, that left us not enough time to go through security and customs before our plane left.

    Any way that was some trip you guys took.

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