Snowshoe Day

Back in January, my friend Sandy and I went on a snowshoe-touring adventure with a group.  First stop was the gorgeous Multnomah Falls:

Another stop at the snowy and beautiful Columbia Gorge Hotel:

On to Cooper Spur for the main event: learning to snowshoe!  I took to it much easier than I expected and really enjoyed myself.  We hiked for a couple hours through the lovely snowy woods.

Final stop of the day was at the impressive Timberline Lodge, where we got an insider’s tour and relaxed a bit in front of the roaring fire.

Meanwhile, back at home Ben and the kids had a very relaxing day, complete with pajamas, crafts, dress-up, and legos!

2 thoughts on “Snowshoe Day

  1. So jealous! The stars have not aligned for me to go snowshoeing yet this year. Your mom and dad first introduced me to “winter hiking” and I really enjoy it. What a lovely outing you had. That is probably the best photo I’ve ever seen of Multnomah Falls.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing. A lot of those pictures were ones you could make cards out of real easy!!!

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