January Misc Roundup

At their school fundraiser Ben & I bought the kids a “Lunch with the Principal” outing, she reported that they were very well behaved and delightful company:

Ben makes our fabulous coffee every morning and he likes to play “coffee Rorschach”:

Some playroom action:

Jackson & Scout really like each other.  This is often my view while I’m working:

Lucy finally got heavy and tall enough to move into a booster seat!  These fine chairs were given to grateful friends (we kept Scout):

After being on the waiting list for 6 years, I was offered space at the Portland Bridal Show, here’s our booth the night before:

And here’s how it looked as we presented:

I treated myself to a new wallet from Queen Bee Creations.  I love this local designer:

We don’t eat out often, this is sometimes why:

The Washougal house is finally rented out to an awesome family who loves every aspect of the custom house, beautiful property, and country living:

Being 5 1/2 means your teeth keep falling out of your head:

Now and then I’ll meet Ben downtown and we’ll go for a lunchtime walk:

Lucy & I attended a class-mate’s birthday party out at Pump it Up:

Then we went to Costco where she took my sunglasses and ID card and said “Now I’m Mom!”:

When we get free sunny afternoons our family piles in the car and checks out new-to-us parks in NE Portland:

Being local means we can walk to friend gatherings:

Silly Scout does everything she can to comfortably sleep on the heat register in the kitchen every morning:

One thought on “January Misc Roundup

  1. Several comment here. The one of the 5 point car seats. Our doaughter is 13, just over 4 foot and 78 lbs. She is of course finally out of her booster seat as well. She use to tell us that she was going to have to go the prom in ber booster seat. So let Lucy know that “tiny is mighty”

    Becky your show looked awesome. My neice in California decorates cakes. She said getting into those bradal shows are tuff to do. She finally made her first one this last fall. She has been on the list for almost 9 years.

    Had to laugh at Ben’s gap.. Sure brings back the memories. Our daughter has all her grown up teeth now, but there was a time when our son has more teeth then she because he still had all his baby teeth and she was loosing them right and left.

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