Lincoln City Birthday

I was once again turning “older,” which is call for celebration. We dropped the kids off at their favorite place in Salem, and headed off to Lincoln City for a relaxing weekend.

About halfway there, we were feeling a bit spontaneous, and stopped at a roadside recreational facility  with $5 to spend.  Seven minutes later, we were done.

Our lodgings were at the Surftides, where the welcome pillows were hysterically ugly, but the Groupon deal was a steal:

This comprised much of the weekend: view, wine, tv.

We took a little drive down to Depoe Bay and sat along the seawall and watched the waves, looked for whales, and talked and talked and talked.

Being able to relax and slow down leads to soul searching.

(Or he’s just enjoying the view with his coffee.)

We toured a place from my childhood: the Hatfield Marine Science Center.  It was pretty cool!  We will take the kids here at some point.  (Although right now the Oregon Coast Aquarium next door is much more suited to their current age range.)

Given free rein, Ben was happy to play on all the science-y computer games.

Next door is the Rogue Brewery so that seemed like the perfect place for lunch before heading home.

We had a great and relaxing weekend and are so grateful that Chuck & Phoebe ask to spend such regular time with the kids.  Everyone wins!

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