Swank Weekend of Wheels

While us parents were relaxing grown-up style in Lincoln City, the kiddos were living it up Grandparent-style down in Salem!  They live on a quiet culdesac that is just perfect for riding their Big Wheels around.  (The kids call them “hot wheels”.)

For the big surprise, the Aldridges and Swanks took the kids to the annual Monster Jam show.

This is Will’s third year of attending and he gets more into Monster Trucks each year.  I guess I’m to blame, as I chose the Monster Jam as my birthday entertainment back in 2010 and took him along!

2 thoughts on “Swank Weekend of Wheels

  1. I don’t think there’s that many people in our whole state. The hot wheels sure bring back the memories. Thats what our son called his too. Our daughter had a cart thing she rode around on too, but it wasn’t a hot wheels.

    The monster show looked like a lot of noise and a lot of fun

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