Family Portrait #9 & Becky’s Birthday Portraits


Ben & I spent a fantastic weekend in Seattle (more on that later) and convinced our lovely friend Jenn Repp to take this week’s family portrait.  She will also be documenting our upcoming wedding!

My birthday was back in February, but we’d just not gotten around to my yearly portraits.  Gasworks Park finally convinced us!

Here is what 36 looks like (with Ben behind the camera):

3 thoughts on “Family Portrait #9 & Becky’s Birthday Portraits

  1. Becky,

    You look great! I hope I look that good in a few months when I turn 36!

    It is wonderful to see you so happy and having fun! I have so many happy memories from childhood of sharing laughs and smiles. I have always considered our childhood friendship to be one of the greater blessings of my life!

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