San Diego Part One: Travel & Zoo

It was the dead of winter, which meant it was time for our little family to fly south for our yearly escape.

When traveling, the first thing to do is to pack. We’ve always had the kids help us pack up their clothes, but Becky had an idea how to delegate the entire task to them.

Of course, when take-off doesn’t happen until after bedtime, you get to fly in your PJ’s. Which means there’s lots of waiting in your PJ’s.

After a long, uneventful, and snoozy flight, we arrived at San Diego International. I went to fetch our rental car, while Becky stayed near baggage claim with two bleary-eyed preschoolers.

It took me 30 minutes to catch a shuttle to the rental car lot, only to find that they were out of cars.

Meanwhile, this was the scene back at the airport. It’s something like midnight now.

The rental company gracefully shuttled me to another company’s lot, but the only cars they had were upgrades! I was intrigued disappointed, but took one and went to fetch my family. We finally checked in and went to bed at 2 a.m.

The next morning was a bit rough. We awoke with the sun, but still weren’t fully rested. It showed a bit at breakfast:

We pulled it together and had a great meal together. It was February, and we were sitting outside in the sunshine!

Then we went to the zoo. Someone was clearly feeling the effects of the previous night.

San Diego has one of the best zoos in the world, and we had an all-access pass thanks to Becky’s deal-digging prowess! The double-decker tour bus and the sky tram were included!

Thus endeth Day the First. We went back to our room, extended out the hide-a-bed, and put the exhausted kiddos to sleep. We didn’t last too much longer.

One thought on “San Diego Part One: Travel & Zoo

  1. Looks like some very normal kiddo’s there. I have learned that often times that those kiddo’s are much better at making do then we adults are. ( the back packs for pillows). I’vr never seen that zoo only the Denver one. Then Monkey jammies of Lucy’s remind me of some our daughter had. As always, Thanks for sharing.

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