San Diego Part Two: Lego Land

Day two dawned sunny and exciting! We ate a healthy breakfast with lots of protein, and the kids enjoyed some screen time with their new headphones while Becky and I showered and got ready.

Off to the park!

Will was super excited about driving a BMW around town all week. I totally didn’t care. Not even a little.

The place hasn’t changed much since the last time we were here.

This is what waiting in line looks like when you’re a kid:

Will and Lucy have both grown a lot since last time, and were able to ride some totally new rides. Here’s Lucy earning her “driver’s license:”

The food inside the park is… not friendly to primal stomachs, so we retreated to the car, and a little picnic.

This is what waiting in line looks when you’re a geeky grownup:

We stayed in the park until it closed, then packed two tuckered-out preschoolers back and into their pajamas for dinner and bedtime.

To be continued…

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