San Diego Part Four: La Jolla Shores Beach

We made sure to schedule a day with no parks. Being Oregonians, the beach isn’t very hospitable even in the summertime, so we jumped at the opportunity for some real beach time. We spent the entire morning and part of the afternoon there.

There happened to be a playground nearby, and Lucy took full advantage. Will was too busy fetching seawater for his mud fortress.

Once we decided we’d had enough, we headed back to our lodgings (which, by the way, were a christmas gift from my mom – thanks, Mom!), and suited up for some swimming pool time.

Both of them were a little nervous, but once they got in the water and felt how the vests worked, they were both doggy-paddling laps around the entire pool!

We went back to our room, washed the chlorine and sand off, and spent the rest of the afternoon on quiet activities.

Apparently that was enough of a day.  (This is not a staged photo.)

To be continued…

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