San Diego Part Five: Lego Land (again!)

Refreshed from our no-park day, we went back to Lego Land to ride all the things! Well, all the things we missed the first time.

This time, we brought two cameras. So while Will and Becky were waiting in line for this:

…Lucy and I went on our own adventure, and you, dear reader, get to see all of it.

We again broke for lunch in the car. Amusement park food is fraught (fraught!) with peril for a primal family, and we had plenty of groceries.

Then back to the action!

Lucy was very excited that she was tall enough to earn her driver’s license!

The amphitheater had exactly the same show as last year, which is good for reinforcing the main lesson of fire control: “put the wet stuff on the hot stuff.”

Which apparently includes kids that have been in the sun all day. Will scooched as close as he could in the hopes of getting soaked.

These musical instruments play and squirt water when you stand on the yellow dots, but we convinced everyone that you had to dance.

We stayed until closing again, then trucked everyone home for a pajama dinner and some well-deserved rest.

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