San Diego Part Six: Sea World

Today was a good day for SeaWorld! Immediately upon entering the park we were greeted by these guys:

Then we tromped around the place for a while, starting with the sharks.

The playground here is impossible to avoid if you have munchkins, and we could have spent the entire day here.

No, it’s not real. We didn’t want to go to jail, even if we could have shared a cell.

Becky has fond childhood memories of this place, and many of the shows she enjoyed so much as a kid were still playing, including this one:

It’s actually illegal in the city of San Diego to leave SeaWorld without seeing Shamu. Will insisted on sitting in the second row, well within the soak zone.

The results were predictable. He waddled around like this for the next hour.

Why yes, we did sneak a jar of almond butter and two spoons into the park!

Off to what was Becky’s favorite show as a kid: the SNL parody.

We got there pretty early, but we’re fortunate enough to carry more computing power in our pockets than was used to send Neil Armstrong to the moon.

By this time, the park was nearly closed. We had time for one more exhibit, and chose the penguins. We even saw some puffins, which made Lucy giggle.

We wanted to get a photo-booth filmstrip of us being goofy together, but accidentally chose the wrong machine! We got just one print, but grabbed this for posterity.

Now the park had really closed, but we weren’t quite tired enough yet. Random SeaWorld dance party? YES WE CAN.

The next day it was time to come home. The kids got up at 7 as usual, and finished their new puzzle before Becky and I were ready to make breakfast!

We made it to the airport, said goodbye to our rental car, and hopped on a plane for home. These flights were during daytime, so we pulled out our space-age entertainment systems.

Becky actually didn’t make this flight; it was overbooked, and we decided that a voucher for a free flight was worth some quiet airport time, and me being outnumbered for one bedtime. Total success all around, and a great way to end our second annual San Diego adventure.

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