London: Day One

(Yeah, I know. This happened a year ago. Welcome to our lives; we’re just now getting to it.)

Our London adventure begins where our Hadrian adventure ended: Bowness-on-Solway. A harrowing and (for Becky) nauseating cab ride led us to the Carlisle Railway Station, and our train to the capitol.

I spent the 3½-hour train ride catching up on journaling and researching London, but Becky was still too queasy from the crazy cab driver to do anything but watch out the window.

We left the train, and took the tube to Shepherd’s Bush. From here, it’s a short 1-mile walk to our lodgings, but we didn’t have a map, and our phones didn’t work, so we navigated by memory and the stars. We finally did find out street.

The neighborhood was… colorful.

We found a Mozambiquan restaurant chain (!) nearby. It was mighty delicious.

We had several guidebooks to get the most out of our time here, but followed the walking tours from Mr. Steves for this part of the trip. London is an old city, most of which grew up before the age of the automobile, so the streets can be twisty and narrow. We followed the trail set by Christopher Wren, when he straightened the streets following the Great Fire. He also designed several dozen churches and cathedrals.

This landmark was slightly easier to find:

We had several foodie stops on our shopping list, but today only afforded Covent Garden.

…and a discounted show. This one was just fabulous.

It had been about 20 hours and 300 miles since we had awoken in coastal Cumbria. We went to sleep.

One thought on “London: Day One

  1. We had a chance to go through London when we went to Bulgaria to adopt our daughter. From our experience in Bulgaira. Becky, I feel your pain with the cab driver, our We didn’t use one, our translators took us around, but talk about no rules. Ben you said your phones didn’t work. I bet anything like hair dryers didn’t work either. Still our trip to Europe changed our lives for ever. We came home parents of a 29 month old girl who didn’t know us and we didn’t know her. Becky at one point my husband Danny ask our translator in Bulgaria what they did with drunk drivers. He said they took away their lic,. Danny replyed, how can they tell.

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