We Know

We’re really far behind with blogging, and we know it. There are posts from a year ago that we still haven’t put up. Life has been a little crazy lately; we’ve been planning a wedding, Ben is working on a master’s degree and just started a new job, we’re running two businesses on the side, we both have professions, and there are the kids’ activities.

In the meantime, here’s a hike we went on on our honeymoon in Hawaii! When we get back, and find our “normal” (whatever that means), look for lots of new (old) content here.

One thought on “We Know

  1. Oh you mean your like most families with little ones. It gets busier as they get older and, oh there are different and more life changing concerns where those kiddo’s come in at. We are both in your 50’s with a 13 and 6 yr old. Yep we get tired, but all too soon it will all be over because those kiddo’s will be gone. Just sayin live your life to the fullest. I will enjoy those post/pic when ever you get around to them. Bloggin can wait a bit; life needs to be lived. I do wanna ask, whats the new job. ( maybe I will understand what it is)

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