February Misc Round-Up

Playing Blog Catch-Up!

Will has been working on following the creation manuals that come with their various building sets:

Both kids took ice skating lessons through school.  I got these photos of Will from his class blog:

Little Scout likes to find the strangest places to sleep and hang out:

Who gets to sleep here again?

Will was featured in the February Artists & Authors Assembly, and this was his prize:

The four of us went to the Newmark Theatre to see Magic School Bus Live!

Scout helping out with wedding planning.

Ben came across this scene while helping with lunch at the kids’ school. That’s Lucy in the bottom right; she had a headache.

For my birthday, Ben took me to dinner and a movie at Cinetopia. This was our dessert:

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  1. Even in this non tech house. We have magic school bus. How awesome was that to get to see it for real.

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