March Misc Round-Up

March!  CLASS Academy had an open house night where we got to go see what the kids have been up to.  The poster is part of a 100 Great Things About School project:

Behind the scenes of a fun photo shoot with a llama and a bridge:

Once a week, the kids get a turn being the dinner chef.  They choose the meal (with guidelines) and get to be in the kitchen helping the whole time.

Ben & I took a short weekend up to Seattle and made the rounds of our friends and family.  Here we are at Greenlake with my cousin and his wife (who’s expecting their third boy!):

Wicked!  Fantastic musical.

Painting a rainbow at school:

Waiting to see their first IMAX show: Flying Monsters, at OMSI:

Jackson loves his Scout:

The kids get a weekly allowance.  Half goes into their Savings jar, the other half into a Spending jar.  Here’s Will on his very first trip to spend some hard-earned money:

Ben & I have joined a CrossFit box.  It’s crazy hard and we love it.  Here’s some shots from my very first workout to give an idea of how “rustic” the facility is:

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