Meet (some of) the Family!

The night before our awesome wedding we held a really awesome friends and family BBQ out in the City Park.  This was a perfect chance for some non-wedding family portraits!  What a great chance to introduce some of our family.

The new Straub Family: (L-R) William, Ben, Becky, Lucy

The Swenson Family: (L-R) Alice, Alan, Sarah (Becky’s sister), Elsie

The Jenson Family: (L-R) Anika, Kevin (Becky’s brother), Aiden, Erika, Annalyse

The Jenson Family: (L-R) Sam (Becky’s brother), Grace, BABY!

Ken & Dorothy Jenson (Becky’s Parents):

The Jenson/Swenson/Straub Family:  (We are only missing Becky’s brother Andrew and his family.)

The Straub Family: (L-R) Connor, Randy (Ben’s brother), Nathan, Heather, Katie

The Straub Gang, including Roger & Kay (Ben’s parents):  (We are missing Ben’s sister Dona and his brother Joe and his family.)

The Aldridge Family: (L-R) Laney, Jeff, Liz (Margaret’s sister), Ty

The Aldridge Family plus Chuck & Phoebe (Margaret’s parents):

The Aldridge/Swank/Straub Gang:

Grandma Dorothy made some crazy Hawaiian-inspired outfits for her grand-kids, so we had to try and get a group shot.  Poor Alice was having none of it, however:

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  1. I love the one where Alice is laying on the ground. It is so funny and real. These are great pictures of this merging family. Did you take one with all of you together?

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