Meet (some of) the Family!

The night before our awesome wedding we held a really awesome friends and family BBQ out in the City Park.  This was a perfect chance for some non-wedding family portraits!  What a great chance to introduce some of our family.

The new Straub Family: (L-R) William, Ben, Becky, Lucy

The Swenson Family: (L-R) Alice, Alan, Sarah (Becky’s sister), Elsie

The Jenson Family: (L-R) Anika, Kevin (Becky’s brother), Aiden, Erika, Annalyse

The Jenson Family: (L-R) Sam (Becky’s brother), Grace, BABY!

Ken & Dorothy Jenson (Becky’s Parents):

The Jenson/Swenson/Straub Family:  (We are only missing Becky’s brother Andrew and his family.)

The Straub Family: (L-R) Connor, Randy (Ben’s brother), Nathan, Heather, Katie

The Straub Gang, including Roger & Kay (Ben’s parents):  (We are missing Ben’s sister Dona and his brother Joe and his family.)

The Aldridge Family: (L-R) Laney, Jeff, Liz (Margaret’s sister), Ty

The Aldridge Family plus Chuck & Phoebe (Margaret’s parents):

The Aldridge/Swank/Straub Gang:

Grandma Dorothy made some crazy Hawaiian-inspired outfits for her grand-kids, so we had to try and get a group shot.  Poor Alice was having none of it, however:

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