Spring Break in Neskowin (March)

For the kids’ Spring Break (back at the end of March) I rented a gorgeous 3-bedroom row house out in the adorable town of Neskowin, on the Oregon Coast.  Ben had to stay in Portland and work for all but the last day and a half, so I invited my friends Becky and Sasha to join us for a few days.  It was a great blend of time for the kids and I, time with friends, and time as a family of four.  The weather was atrocious almost the entire time, but I had packed endless indoor activities and let the kids have free reign:

Our awesome backyard!  Note the wind trying to pull Will’s raincoat off:

I let them have WAY more screen-time than at home (which is almost nothing).  Unlimited game boy time AND a movie a day:

To my surprise, they got tired of the game boys pretty quickly after the novelty wore off:

Having Becky and Sasha around meant I could take a break now and then for a walk.  Sometimes Lucy came along, talked my ear off, and posed for photos while Will did crafts with Becky:

Braving the weather for the awesome sand and all the toys we brought:

The weather cleared enough after a couple days for them to go enjoy the playground that was directly out our front door.  They spent hours out there and made several new friends:

There was a couple hour overlap where Ben had arrived and Becky & Sasha had yet to depart, so we all walked down to Proposal Rock for some cold, wet beach time.  Becky took these great photos for us:

It was a great week for the kids and I.  Having a kitchen meant we didn’t once eat out, having a “beach” in the backyard with the ocean safely down a cliff meant I could let them play outside as long as they liked, having the playground directly outside the front door meant I could just leave the door open and they could explore and make new friends.  This trip strengthened our resolve to get our own beach house as soon as possible.

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