3 thoughts on “Margaret’s Birthday

  1. It is nice to see the kids together. I think I totally forgot to share mine of that day with you. I probably should. It doesn’t really have pictures from the park because I was not sure if you were okay with pictures of the kids being on my site…(is it?). Anyway here is mine post of from that day…http://wp.me/p29CXM-52

  2. Its so important for everyone, but I think more so for Ben and Lucy. Since they were so very young when they lost mom. YES, they have a new “real mom”.. But they also have birth mom ( who was also a real mom when she was able.). Point being, by you and Becky doing things like this. Each time Ben and Lucy are a little older, and these things help them to know and understand where they started. This makes them more grounded as they grow to adults. With both of our kids adopted and no information on the the birth families, it’s hard sometimes. I can really see the plus side of doing these things……. Plus Bubble machines are ALWAYS fun!!!

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