Springtime biking

On a free, sunny day in April, we were able to finally bust out the kids’ bikes and head up the street to our local park for some practice.  They both are learning with glide bikes that have no pedals.  This helps kids get used to balance and speed before adding the complication of pedaling.  (As of now, Will is just about ready to have his pedals put back on his bike.)

One thought on “Springtime biking

  1. enjoy this time. Our daughter is almost 14 and talking about her first car. Seems we just took the trainning wheels off a few days ago. ( It was the summer between 1st n2nd) our son will 7 in Oct. Wanting so much to copy his big sister, he had his two wheeler down by spring of his preschool yr. He was 5. Here they have to be 5 by sept 15th to start school. This is a fun time in thier lives. enjoy every single second of it!!

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