First Week at GitHub (April)

It is GitHub’s very wise policy for new hires to spend their first week in San Francisco. So I caught a flight to SFO on Sunday afternoon.

They put me up for the week in the Intercontinental, which is very nice, and is conveniently close to a great coffee shop.

While I was getting settled, Becky and the kids were having a regular dinner.

Looks like I lost my pillow to another man.

The next morning, while the kids were off to school:

… I was being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of awesome floating around this place. A full day of it is a really intense experience.

That night, we exchanged long-distance hugs and kisses.

You can tell I’m having a great time.

That Tuesday night, Becky came to join me, and she walked me the long way to work the next day.

The kids, in the meantime, were having a great time at their grandparents’ house.

Becky came into the office and sat in the 60s-themed room for some egg-chair productivity time.

…and spent lots of time exploring San Francisco.

We arranged to have dinner at a culinary landmark. This one was on Becky’s bucket list (check!).

Becky had an old friend in the area, and we met him for an amazing lunch at a place Becky found.

I went back to work, and Becky continued her touring adventures.

You may recognize this house.

We returned home on Friday afternoon. It had been an exhausting and exhilarating week, and we were ready for a return to whatever “normal” is for us.

5 thoughts on “First Week at GitHub (April)

  1. I want to know what the kids are having for dinner…what are those brown things that look like pickled brains? (Love Lucy’s dinner hat, btw)

  2. I must agree, I really was thinking, What animal did those brains come out of?” What I want to know, is what is that for sale for $238.00 a pound!!!!!!!! Becky, you look good in hats.

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