Bachelor/ette Parties! (April)

At the end of April we had a no-kid weekend so our amazing friends planned some epic pre-wedding parties!  I joined my fancy girls for dinner, drinks and dancing, while Ben was taken to various scandalous locations around Portland.  A few hours into the festivities both groups met up and continued the party with a couple more clubs, drinks and dancing before calling it a night.  A big thanks to Sandy for planning the whole fantastic night; and Becky F for making sure I kept drinking water, watching out for my phone and ID, taking most of the photos, and driving me there, and all the other gorgeous ladies who dressed up and came out to celebrate!

It was nearly 3am when I took this photo.  I’m sitting on the sidewalk freezing and tired of my heels while we wait for a cab to take us home:

Ben recuperating from his mighty hangover:

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