May Miscellaneous Roundup

May was a VERY BUSY month!

Lucy helped bring in the month with the Maypole at school:

Will and Ben took a walk to the hardware store for new doorknobs in the kid bedroom doors (lock free):

While Lucy and I hit up the Farmer’s Market that’s just a couple blocks away:

Tired kids:

Trying on her wedding outfit:

I took a beginning archery class with a group of friends:

Not bad for a first-timer:

While I was archery-ing, Ben and the kids rode bikes to the Farmer’s Market and got to play with a juggler:

It’s time for a cute puppy break!

Feeding the dogs:

Ben found this note in the backseat of his car:

Paleo waffles with coconut cream, pear, and bacon make Lucy happy:

Mother’s Day!  I got a new beautiful rug.  Here’s Lucy vacuuming the old one before we roll it up:

Will and Scout help Ben roll out the new rug:

Grandma Kay and Grandpa Roger have arrived!

The sweet Mother’s Day note Lucy wrote at school:

That afternoon we joined my family out at a park for some bocce ball, bike riding, and general catching up:

Will loves to follow building instructions:

Here we are at the courthouse having just picked up our marriage license:

One last trip out to the wedding site for final details:

Kay, Roger, Dorothy, and Becky F came along to help, we treated them all to a nice lunch in The Dalles:

Having lunch right before our last dance lesson:

The night before we left for the wedding site, Ben & I went to a Blokus party with our friends and tried to relax and have a good time and leave all the planning stress behind.  It worked:

2 thoughts on “May Miscellaneous Roundup

  1. Save those mothers day letters and special letters the kiddo’s leave. They may not be the most important thing right now. But in a few yrs when they the good choices they make are what seem very few and far between, you can look at them, and “remember”. I’d rather go to a farmers market then the hard ware store any day of the week. But those lock free knobs are a MUST and so is a key to the bathroom door as they grow. Becky, Lucy looks like a pro at dog feeding, but I couldn’t help but see your kitcehn cupboards!!!!! I have just one question. About bocce ball. What is it and how is it played. It looks fun!

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