Wedding! Part 2: getting ready

(Almost every photo shown was taken by my good friend and colleague, the talented Jenn Repp.)

Sunday, May 20th, dawned a little hazy.  The hotel was a bustling place with guests getting ready, the caterers making food, and general set-up for our late morning ceremony.  Here’s a view of the quiet before the storm:


Ben took this shot and posted it on his work board of our rings and his fitbit, all he needed for the day:


My extremely detailed schedule and to-do list.  The only way I was able to relax was because I knew this list was in several other hands:


My handsome fiancé brought me up some breakfast:


The lovely bridal suite, and where I spent the ENTIRE morning:


My hairstylist from home, the talented Melissa, came out to do my hair and makeup:


My extremely talented sister-in-law, Erika, made this INCREDIBLE archway for our ceremony, and THEN surprised us with these delicate light bulb vases and crystals hanging all over it.  It was stunning:


The amazing and organized Becky Foulger, who was “me”, when I wasn’t allowed to be in charge anymore.  She was such an amazing help all through the planning process and simply invaluable that weekend:


It didn’t take Ben nearly as long to get ready.  He’s got shorter hair:


I had a few visitors while I was getting prettied:


I had barely anything in mind for decorations, I was more concerned with people and food, so this whole ceremony setup done by my family was just wonderful.  I am so grateful:


This was the third dress I tried on.  Period.  I just loved it right away.  I’ll admit that I was looking for something that would show off my normally hidden art:


My mother made these lovely hair flowers from the train I had removed from the dress, they were so much easier to wear than a veil:


I ordered this amazing sash from an artist in Turkey!  I was even more in love with it seeing it in person:


Even Lucy got a little bit of hair and make up action:


One last adjustment and I’m ready:


Next: first look!

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