Wedding! Part 7: toasts and "cake"

I have to say that the amazing toasts given make me a little regretful that we did not have video coverage of the event.  The outpouring of love and support from friends and family was incredible.

First I had to put in these adorable photos of Kay and Phoebe modeling Lucy’s lovely hairpiece (made by my sister-in-law, Erika):


Our cake.  We don’t like cake, we don’t eat cake.  What were we to do?  CHEESE!  We love love love cheese, so when we proposed the idea to our caterer she was thrilled!  She and her cheesemonger put together this incredible “cake” for us:


There’s Capriole ‘wabash cannonball’, Cowgirl Mt Tam, Izarou, Beehive cheese ‘seahive’, and Oregonzola.  So delicious and we had enough leftovers for a few weeks (although not nearly as much leftover as we had thought…people really like cheese.)


3 thoughts on “Wedding! Part 7: toasts and "cake"

  1. Tell Kay, I didn’t know she looked so nice in flowers. (lol). All that aside. The party looked fun and your so correct. Having freinds and family to support is awesome. We have very little of that. I must ask you though. Was your “cake” hard to cut!. Never thought of the idea, but why not??

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