Wedding! Part 8: the End and the Beginning

We love our circle of friends. They are crazy loyal, crazy awesome, and just plain crazy. (This photo is not representative of the whole circle.)


Our last dance played to a non-audience, but we didn’t mind. This song is special.


Time for goodbyes. The kids were going off with grandparents while we stayed at the hotel for the night.


By the time we finished up and everyone was gone it was still only about 4pm.  Time to sit on the porch and just be married. And try to watch the solar eclipse.


Perfect gift from the hotel:


We walked across the street to the little bar and were gifted congratulatory tequila shots!  Eek! Ben then bought a round for the entire bar.


On the way home the next morning, we stopped for some hiking and some views.  Oh the Gorge. So stunning.


A little lunch in Hood River:


Drove the “long way” back along historic highway 30.  Multnomah Falls stop (no time to hike to the top):


We sent a photo to the kid’s school and this is the cute congrats sign they posted in the main lobby:


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