Lucy’s Birthday Party!

The weekend after her 4th birthday (in June) we invited a bunch of family to the zoo for the afternoon! The birthday girl chose her entire outfit, from socks to hair bows, and our friend Aiden Brasier made her this fantastic crown:


The kids went to Salem afterwards for a slumber party while Ben and I headed to Eugene for a photo shoot, baby shower, and some friend time.


Our photo shoot in Eugene was a Baby bump session, so Ben acts as my model before the couple arrives:


One thought on “Lucy’s Birthday Party!

  1. Lucy looks like a fashion model, if I do say so myself! So she just turned 4. Enjoy it, because in 10 short yrs she will be 14, and watch out!!!! you will wonder where and when you went wrong.. You will still love her, but it will be a lot harder.. What a awesome family you have!!!

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