Father’s Day Weekend

There won’t be any photos of Ben in this post. As his gift, I took the kids to Lincoln City for the weekend and gave him a whole bunch of solo time. He really liked his gift. Here’s a shot of his shot from his fancy barbershop, the only errand of his weekend:


The kids and I rented a beachfront condo and just took it easy:


Until our trip to the Oregon Coast Aquarium.  They have a new kid-focused wing that we were excited to try out. These guys explored HARD:


Parking lot snack break:


At our late lunch there was a live crab tank. Even after a day at the aquarium, they spent the entire time waiting for our food parked right here:


We spent the afternoon at the foggy, but warm and crowded beach, with a ton of other beach-goers. These kids are always so busy when given free-rein in the sand:


Notice how she’s wearing this hoodie:


Sunday morning we did a little nature hike before driving home. 1.5 miles along Whalen Island, near Pacific City. The kids did great:


I somehow managed to go the entire weekend without any photos of me, but I really was there.  We three had a great weekend, and Ben really enjoyed his no-duties time!  (My solo time comes next month…)

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