London: Day Five (from April 2011)

[Continued from here.]

We wake early, shower with dish soap for the last time, and take our stuff to the bus stop. Yup, we were those people on the bus that take up all the room with a ridiculous amount of luggage.

We have time for just one more stop: the Natural History Museum. The light and sky are just perfect, so we break out both cameras and shoot all of the things.

Ben’s attempt at artsiness with a LensBaby:

We choked on the £10 cloakroom fee, but didn’t want to be rolling our luggage around. We washed it down with a rather good triple-shot brève.

We focused mainly on the wings of the museum that would make for entertaining photos for the kids. Carnivorous monsters and weird things in jars, that sort of thing.

From there, we suffered the 1-hour Tube ride to Heathrow and a 9-hour flight to Chicago. O’Hare was a nightmare; apparently they had closed down all but one TSA line, and we had to pass through Customs and back through security to board our domestic flight.

Home at last.

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