Seattle in the Summer

Near the end of July, we all went up to Seattle for a long weekend. We have lots of friends and family in the area and had scheduled to see several of them!


First stop was a visit to the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma. We met up with my cousin Debbie; our nephews Max, Ryan, and Jase; and my aunt Kate.  In addition to the great exhibits and shows, the zoo also has an awesome play area for the kiddos:


The next morning we went to the Seattle Center:


And visited their excellent Children’s Museum:

This play grocery store kept them busy for almost an hour:


Next stop was way up in Monroe, to visit our friends Ryan & Rachel. While I was doing this photo session, this is what the kids got to do:


We had found this great little house to rent for the weekend out in West Seattle. It was a nice central location for all our visits and sites:


Our final stop was down in Renton at the home of Tony and Debbie and the boys. I was working on this session, while the kids had fun playing:


It was a busy trip, but having our own home with a kitchen and bedrooms made things run smoother for all of us. We were able to have our friend Jenn over one evening (and she delivered our awesome wedding photos!) and I was able to go out one night with my friend Jillian. We plan to do it again, and add in even more people and places to see!

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