I heart GitHub

GitHub is a distributed organization, and only about a third of us actually go into a shared office every day. So every six months we throw a summit, and bring everyone to San Francisco for a week of presentations, meetings, and hacking. My first one was in August. Here’s what it looks like when you put 100-ish super nerds in one place with an open bar:


Since it was my first summit, I had to present. I was really intimidated, since some of my idols were in the audience, but I think I pulled it off just fine.


While I was nerding out, Becky was having solo adventures around SF. Sometimes she just had to share them with me. (And yes, she bought that shirt.)


There were evening activities which Becky attended as well. One was a Fancy Dress Dinner (some people dressed up more than others):


We spent an afternoon booze-bowling at Lucky Strike:


And we spent a half day on a boat with an open bar (are you sensing a theme?):


When we stopped by headquarters to pick up the summit swag (yes, that’s custom-labelled Four Roses bourbon):


…we spotted a rare game of 7-player rotating table tennis:


We did manage to spend some time wandering around by ourselves as well.


We had a great time. I’m so amazingly happy to work for a company that makes all this possible.

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