Yard Makeover

Our big house project of 2012 was to have the front yard completely re-done. Neither of us enjoy yard work and with our crazy schedules we simply don’t have the time. We decided to have the front yard done first, as it’s part of the experience for our basement rental.  We forgot to take before photos, but these were taken after the crew had only been there an hour.



The one backyard work order we added was to remove this massive holly tree that blocked light and spread prickly debris all over the back yard:



We asked for a simple and low-maintenance design that would incorporate native plants. There’s an irrigation system now, which turned out to be a great decision: they discovered that our main water line was leaking!  So in addition to a lovely yard, we also have a brand new water line.


We had a new path installed that goes to the apartment door, this makes getting luggage to and fro much easier:


We had the existing fence lengthened, both for the privacy of our guests AND our neighbors. The bathroom window for the apartment opened up right at the front door of the duplex next door.


That horrific holly tree took the crew three full days and six dump trucks to remove, it’s amazing how much light we now have in the backyard! boc-August12-0021boc-August12-0022boc-August12-0023boc-August12-0024

We are so happy with the results, and can’t wait for next summer, when we have them come design a new backyard for us…

2 thoughts on “Yard Makeover

  1. Wow, it looks great! Thanks for the pictures. I’ve been hoping for an update on this project. Love the paved path. Congratulations.

  2. It looks really good! You know I hate to see lavender go, but they had really gotten out of hand. The changes make it look clean and nice!

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