August Misc. Roundup

The kids are getting bigger and it was time to upgrade their bedrooms. Thanks to IKEA, we were able to pick up these excellent kid desks, chairs, and matching shelves for very cheap. The kids LOVE them. Lucy calls this part of her room her “office”.


When things get too quiet, this is where we usually find them: happily working away at their desks!


We still love our CrossFit box and go three times a week.


This next photo was taken right after our first Agility Course Day. Part of the course involved climbing up the rope ladder on the right, making our way onto and across the cargo net, then summersaulting out the other end and dropping to the ground.  TERRIFYING. But awesome.


I have to thank Kay for getting me hooked on Penzeys. This is what a typical trip yields:


Will plays soccer every day at school and loves it.  (Pick-up games coached by teachers.)


We are lucky to have a fantastic farmer’s market 2 blocks away every Sunday morning!  Here’s what a typical haul looks like:


Ben and Lucy were on a walk in the neighborhood and she got tired. Ben gave her the “run to the corner and you can rest while waiting for me to get there” spiel and she took him literally and laid down on the sidewalk:


Ben and I finally got the opportunity to redeem one of his Christmas gifts: a Stray Boots interactive scavenger hunt using his iPhone.  Here are some of the photos we had to snap around Portland and send in:


We enjoyed a night of Rock Band goodness with our friend Aaron:


I’ll end with cute puppies:


One thought on “August Misc. Roundup

  1. What’s Jackson’s side kicks name? I know you’ve said, but I don’t remember. I am always jellous of how organized you are Becky. Love the kids rooms

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