Kids and Grandparents, Continued

While we were off on our grand Balkan Honeymoon, the kids had a very fun and full Southern Oregon Coast Adventure with the Grandmas!  I don’t know the stories, but please enjoy the photos they’ve shared!


2 thoughts on “Kids and Grandparents, Continued

  1. The grandparents do a good job documenting the fun they have together. Love seeing the pictures! I agree with your comment to me the other day…”these kids are RICH in experiences.” I’d venture to say they had as much or more fun than you did on your honeymoon. 🙂

  2. oh my word. All that FUN.And all those memories!! Liked seeing them doing hands on in the shop. Becky I can’t thank you enough for including a picture of Donna. I took care of her the year she was 5 yrs old. Even made her a bithday cake that Feb to share with the other kids in the cottage. I so enjoyed this!!

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