November Misc Roundup

We began the month with our own version of Dia de los Muertos, and spent the day remembering Margaret. We displayed photos, ate her favorite foods, used Disney dishes and napkins, and told lots of stories:


At school Lucy’s class was lucky enough to have some parents come in and help them learn about Diwali, India’s Festival of Light:


I thought we had escaped the curse, but Lucy decided to cut her own hair this month, which led to a trip to see my favorite stylist, Melissa, to help it shape up:


We attended our friend Aiden’s birthday party, where the kids got a little stashy:


When we let the kids help choose items at the winter farmer’s market we end up with things like a GIANT parsnip:


Ben is still doing magnificently at CrossFit (I hope to rejoin him soon):


Adventure Wednesday!  Will and Ben went for a gorgeous fall hike at the Audubon Portland:


While Lucy and I went to spend her hard-earned allowance money:


Ben and I used a free weekend to visit friends down in Eugene:


While the Swanks loved up on the kids:


Ben spent a few days down in San Francisco for work:


Scout and Jackson had no problems taking his spot:


Adventure Wednesday! Will and I went and saw Wreck-it Ralph.  (I’m taking photos in a movie theater simply because we are the only ones there.  Otherwise, I’d be more polite.)


While Ben and Lucy head to OMSI:


Several of the classes at school, including Will’s, put on a “Peace Concert” where they sang (shouted) along to several old hippy songs:


Cute puppy time!


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