October Misc Roundup

Here are some fun images taken by the teachers at the school:


Both kids took yoga as an afterschool class. Here’s Will and a friend showing off one of their new moves:


Hanging out with Ty during his 6-month portrait session:


Our family went to see a hilarious production of Duck For President:


We have a delightful group of friends who find a reason to get together almost monthly. These fun shots are from the Pumpkin Beer Tasting Party:


Starting this month we instituted Adventure Wednesday, where we pick up the kids early from school and take them to do something special! This was the first outing: a polar bear documentary at the IMAX theater at OMSI:


The next week we split up. Ben and Lucy explored the downtown library together:


Will and I headed to Toys R Us so he could take his sweet sweet time picking out just the right toy to buy with his hard-earned allowance money:


With her ever-expanding collection, Lucy’s hair lovelies graduated to a big drawer:


Creating “offices” in each kid room has really paid off.  They love to spend quiet, creative time at their desks:


The school took all the kids to the Children’s Museum for a field trip:


October was busy, like usual, but also full of fun and some new great traditions!

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