December Misc Round Up

The kids both took Yoga this month and ended up in the promotional materials!


I did an interesting photo shoot for Strut Salon. They had a “sexy Santa” photo booth at their client appreciation holiday party.  Here’s Santa on a break:


A fabulous group of ladies I know host a 9021Sew every few months where they all get together and work on their crafting projects and gab and watch old-school episodes of Beverly Hills 90210. I don’t exactly craft or sew, but was gifted a most excellent fuzzy poster to color while there:


One of our Wednesday Adventures was to Mimosa Studios, right near us, to paint up some beautiful and functional Christmas gifts:


Ben attended the Cross Fit Hel winter party:


The kids went to Chuck’s company Holiday Party and met up with Santa:


We all attended a Holiday Open House hosted by our newest neighbor and discovered that she handcrafts gorgeous fairy outfits:


It’s cute puppy time!


3 thoughts on “December Misc Round Up

  1. Darling pugs. The kids have great yoga form! Glad they had their Santa photos with the more “traditional” Santa – the other one made me chuckle. 🙂

  2. Love those sad puppy eyes!!. Our daughter took 4 yrs of gymanstics and just loved it, so I hope the kiddo’s keep up with the yoga/tumbling… I so love seeing what in all your doing….

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