Straubsgiving Part 2

[Continued; check out part one.]

We went back to Straub Manor and crashed, full of steak, shrimp, and veg. Our group of four retired to the RV, while the Denver Straubs set up camp in the spare bedrooms. The next morning (Thanksgiving Day!), the kids got down to some serious bonding.


My dad provided the music from his vast collection.


Scout and Jackson hung around the kitchen, basking in every patch of sunlight, and trying to help with the “cleanup”.


The grown ups got down to some serious cooking. There are no photos of this, because everyone was cooking.


There are likewise no pictures of Thanksgiving dinner. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we were busy stuffing our faces. We managed to put together a mostly-Paleo Thanksgiving feast: turkey (of course), sweet potatoes, vegetable-sausage stuffing, roasted brussels sprouts with bacon, and a paleo pumpkin-chiffon pie (alongside more traditional pumpkin pie, and a chocolate cream pie, courtesy of my mom).

After dinner, everyone had some cabin fever. We decided to evacuate, and found various things to do outside. The kids were particularly fond of the ATV.


…but it was cold outside, so before too long it was time to come back in.


The adults got back to cleaning up. Apparently Wyoming hasn’t discovered dishwashers yet.


The dogs had a great time finding the warm spots on the carpet, and made great friends with Katie, who was about to turn 2.


While the kids took a quiet break to watch Madagascar 3…


Becky and I escaped for an ATV ride of our own. My parents are on the receiving end of a steady stream of ridicule from me for their choice of habitat, but the Wyoming countryside really is beautiful.


The kids were outside when we got back, and saw us arrive. Becky was feeling the power of the ATV, so she took the kids around the house a few times.


And then it was my brother Randy’s turn.


…and back inside for dinner, and more bonding time before bed.


Coming soon to a blog near you: Straubsgiving III; Coming Home.

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