Straubsgiving Part 3

[Continued; check out parts one and two.]

The next morning, we packed all of our things back into the RV, and headed homeward.


We didn’t get very far before our first stop: the Wyoming Dinosaur Center & Dig Sites in Thermopolis. I have fond early-childhood memories of going to this city, swimming in the hot springs, and gawking at all the skeletons. We’ll have to go swimming some other time (we didn’t even bring our suits on this trip), but Will and Lucy will have the dinosaur memories.


Once we were all dinosaured out, we grabbed some lunch and headed for the open road.


We stopped after a while to empty all the bladders, and make coffee. Serious coffee shops were impossible to find in these small towns, so we loved having a stove and a Moka Pot.


The kids got in a bit of trouble with the local authorities. We cut through the red tape pretty quickly, and our trip was not delayed.


Following our usual pattern, we arrived at our campground after dark, and didn’t take any photos until the next morning. After everyone was fed, and while Becky was showering and packing, we got some of our wiggles out, since we knew most of the day would be spent sitting.


The next day we drove to Spokane, across the most harrowing mountain pass of the trip. We were pretty nervous taking this in a giant death machine in November, but we were relieved to find the roads clear, and we were on the other side before we knew it.

Again with the nighttime setup at the campground. Here’s what Spokane looks like in the daylight:


On the last day of our journey, we crossed the great plain of eastern Washington, which was filled with freezing fog.


We all tried to keep sane in our own ways. I was listening to various nerdy and not-so-nerdy podcasts.


The kids still had their activity buckets, which were bulging with new things because of the 100-mile surprises. We had plenty of these for the trip home, but their patience with being in a car seat was wearing thin.


At last, the fog lifted, and we re-entered Oregon.


At one point, we stopped for a stretch. This photo only has Lucy in it, because Will slept through the whole thing! He was so tired, he didn’t even know we had stopped!


About an hour later, we pulled in front of our house, and had an unpacking party. The kids and I hauled all the things back into the house, while Becky ran around making sure we didn’t leave anything in the RV. As usual, it was past dark by the time we were done, and we were exhausted, so we all went to bed early.

The End. Would we do this again? Probably not, but it was fun.

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