Birthday Fun!

For my 30-somethingth birthday Ben honored my request for my favorite macadamia waffles and the kids and I were tickled and surprised when he brought in this plate:


It was a beautiful, balmy February day and I was in a hiking mood!  Our first hike was a nice stroll around Oaks Bottom:


We picked up the kids from school and headed out to the Portland Audubon Society, but instead of our usual hikes, we opted for a more challenging one we’d never done before.  The kids were champs and we finished 45 minute earlier than we had expected!  We all really enjoyed our time together outside:


I’ve been having some back/shoulder issues from sitting at my desk too much, so Ben took it upon himself to research and build us both standing desks!


Ben gets lots of help when he takes a break on the couch, however:


Overall, it was an excellent birthday!  Big thanks to Ben, Will, & Lucy ❤

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