Easter: Straub-style


Easter Sunday we had a fun themed breakfast with spring-y headgear and bunny plates and napkins:


Ben then hid 6 prized-filled eggs for each kid in their bedrooms and they had a blast searching:


The afternoon was gorgeous so we packed up the dogs and kids and headed up to Vancouver for a new-to-us hike: the Whipple Creek Trail.


It was sadly still too early in the season to be awesome; we ran into huge muddy stretches of trail.  The horse usage didn’t add to the fun.


Despite the challenges, it still was a very pretty hike.


One thought on “Easter: Straub-style

  1. Looks like you all had a really good time. The pictures are very good of you well spent time on your adventures with good memories to look back at years from now. Even the dogs look like they has a good time. I Love the GitHub t-shirt on you Ben that’s looks sharp. Looking at the socks Will has on, are they GitHub Logo, Thats cool if they were, I sure will gets a kick out of them.

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