San Diego: Part Three

[Continued; check out part one and part two.]

Day 4 was for SeaWorld (yes, it really is capitalized like that)! We’ve been here before, and not much has changed, so we knew which things to go for. First up is the dolphin show, with the prince and the princess. Lucy and Will both want their jobs when they grow up.


Next stop: the pet show, where cats are bleached and dachshunds spill out from a hot-dog cart, and everything is super sized.


We of course made our way to the playground area. This year both kids were a bit bigger, so they could go into some of the minimum-height areas, like the giant non-castle bouncey castle.


And a perennial favorite, the Elmo fishes.


We were on our way to see something else when we caught sight of the manta ray pool. These guys came right up and flapped their floppy flappy fins at you.


Day 5 was also for SeaWorld! This place is big, and we didn’t feel like we got to see everything we wanted last year, so we added another day this time.


No trip to SeaWorld is complete without pretending to be a fish.


Our love of gondolas is still alive. This one would be spectacular at sunset or nighttime but, alas, bedtime is at 7pm.


Mantas aren’t the only things that want to be touched.


Lucy wasn’t tall enough to ride this one, but Will loved it.


The turtle tank always makes their jaws drop open. The older ones are the size of a coffee table.


And, of course, Shamu Stadium. Partly because of timing, but also because of past experience, we didn’t sit in the soak zone this time.


The kids’ school doesn’t have grade numbers, all their classes are named after animals. This year, Lucy is a Polar Bear. She lit up when she saw this guy, and insisted on a portrait with him.


Day six was a travel day, but not until the afternoon. So we went to our favorite beach, and spent some time just being there.


These two are the fruits of Becky’s labor. She can’t stop herself.


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