First Friends Beach Weekend!

A little while ago, we organized a grownup weekend at our new beach house. Once everybody was there, we got down to business figuring out which pony each of us was most like.


With that settled (Rachel was definitely Nightmare Moon), we had to go on a hike. Cascade Head was just the ticket: 4 miles long, and downhill all the way back. The day was gorgeous, and it only started fogging up when we were leaving.


Afterward, we regrouped and headed for drinks and dinner at what’s become our traditional dinner-out place when we’re in Neskowin – The Pelican in Pacific City. It was a perfect end to an awesome day.


But the night was still young, and Rachel had brought Mexican Train.


Of course, no beach trip is complete without some time on the beach. Here’s some coastal color, in no particular order.


While we were off having our little adventure, Will and Lucy were having theirs in Salem. Here’s what we know:


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