Kid/Parent Retreat

Lucy and Becky headed out to the TreeHouse Friday night and got to spend the morning with Grandpa Ken and Grandma Dorothy, who were finishing up a beach trip themselves. Grandpa Ken decided to teach Lucy how to play Battleship:


Then we were off to one of our favorite places: The Oregon Coast Aquarium! (Our membership has paid for itself over and over again.)


Isn’t she just the cutest little nudibranch?


The rest of our lovely weekend was filled with bikes, sand, and water:


Meanwhile, Ben and Will had entirely different adventures planned. Saturday kicked off with a baking project: paleo cupcakes with maple-syrup-and-strawberry icing.


Then for a little civic service; the kids’ school had a “maintenance day,” where parents and kids could help spiff the place up. Will spent 30 minutes windexing the chairs in the computer lab.


And another 30 minutes “organizing” the library.


After lunch, it was off to a Mad Science birthday party! All the kids made light sabers and toxic ooze.


That night, Will got to watch Star Wars for the first time. Becky and I debated long and hard about whether he was ready, but in the end he loved it.


Sunday we had a full day at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum!


That’s (a replica of) the Spirit of St. Louis and the (real) Spruce Goose, for those of you keeping score.


There was a 3D movie about air racing, which may have affected Will’s career plans.


Over in the spaceflight wing, they have an actual Titan II rocket, the kind used in the Gemini missions.


After a long day at the museum, it was time to head home. We all met up for a burgers-and-fries dinner, and both kids were snoozing by the time we got home.

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