April Misc Round-up

CrossFit is hard!


For one of our afterschool family adventures this month we rented a private karaoke room for an hour and had a total blast with the kids!  Going at happy hour, and having young kids who are free, the hour only cost us $8.


Ben is often my light-test subject before a portrait session. I end up with cute photos of him:


One of Ben’s 12 Day gifts was a pedicab tour along distillery row.  We had an excellent time taste testing the best of Portland’s small-batch spirits:


After homework and jobs are done, the kids get to play “brain games” on the iPads until dinner is ready:


CLASS Academy successfully fundraised and built this awesome new playground!


Dinner out at one of our favorite local restaurants: Tin Shed.


I now have a part-time daylight studio!  Ben was awesome about building me exactly the right reflectors for super-cheap:


Will got his first savings account!  We give the kids a small weekly allowance and half of their earnings are saved for when they are 18.  They also put away half of any birthday or Christmas money they get.  Lucy now has an account too, and we have started to seed these savings accounts with a small amount each paycheck.


Before the TreeHouse opened to the public, we had various family members there for relaxation and odd jobs.  We got to spend one night hanging out with the Jenson Clan!


Ben broke down and finally bought the fancy coffee grinder he’d been coveting.  He loves it.


This month, Will finally realized that reading just for the sake of reading was fun!


Happy Earth Day!


I earned 10 volunteer hours working in this windowless room sorting used uniforms for the semi-annual sale at school.  It sounds terrible, but I really enjoyed it.


We celebrated Ben’s one-year GitHub anniversary by enjoying a fantastic meal at Clarklewis before going to see Flashdance the musical.


We had to buy a lot of bedding for the TreeHouse:


I spent a few days out at the TreeHouse getting it ready to rent.  Ben sent me this photo one morning, bragging about how well he did Lucy’s hair:


We met our friend Emilia for a gorgeous spring walk along the waterfront in Vancouver:


Here are a couple shots from Lucy’s teacher:


It’s cute puppy time!!!


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