May Miscellaneous Round Up

Time for another miscellaneous roundup!


We caught a glimpse of what Will does with his before-school playtime:


Ben tried to take a nap once. Once.


We replaced mattresses (from home and the beach house), so the old ones had to go to the dump. No, we didn’t have 200 mattresses.


The kids earned enough good-behavior “stars” to buy a new board game. They chose this one:


It’s every bit as educational and uplifting as you can imagine. You feed the dog the yellow goop from the tub…


Take him for a walk…


And the inevitable happens. It also has really awesome gross sound effects.


The object is to collect three “leavings” in your shovel. The kids still pull it out – we can tell from the screaming laughter from upstairs.


This flower made Becky take its picture.


We try to take the kids on a mini-adventure one day every week. We have an OMSI membership, so we’ve been lots of times, but this time we decided to focus on a room we’d never been in: the life science lab.


Will is about to graduate from the Kangaroo class; starting in June he’ll be a Dragonfly. So when we saw this guy on the ceiling, we had to get the two of them together.


[Special behind-the-scenes footage!]


Lucy loves to make little love letters. She brought this one home from school.


This one she made for Ben while we were opening her first bank account.


Pug time!


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