Jenson Family Beach Day

I (Becky) am the oldest of 5 children and we are all married, with kids, and spread throughout the world!  In June we were able to all get together with my parents for a week-long happy family reunion.  12 adults and 11 kids under the age of 9!

We started out the week with a great day spent out in Neskowin.  The weather was perfection and everyone had a great time relaxing and soaking up the sun and sand.  The ladies of the family then got to spend a nice night bonding at the beach house while the excellent husbands and grandpa drove the tired, sandy kids back home.


2 thoughts on “Jenson Family Beach Day

  1. Becky, Can’t say I’m not a little green eyed. I’m from a family of 8 girls and all but two haven’t talked to me in years. Im go glad to see that all families aren’t like that. I guess I knew it, but still nice of you to share. For some reason Bens catch up came across as a bad email. I wanted to thank you for showing me part of portland. I need to ask, if the kids go from one grade to the next in the same yr by doing summer school. Does the whole school vacation at once? How many grades are in this school? What happens if a student doesn’t pass the level they were in in the fall?

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