June Misc Round-Up

We’re season ticket holders for the Oregon Children’s Theater, and we went to a showing of A Year with Frog and Toad. It was so good. Will even wore his frog sweater (which Grandma Kay made for me when I was about his age).


Afterward, we walked around downtown Portland for a while. The kids made sure to taste all of the bubblers.


Here’s what a typical morning looks like at our house. The kids are all ready to go, waiting for me to catch up. It’s much more peaceful now that they both read.


Here’s their first day of summer school! Class Academy is a year-round school, and when they graduate from one “grade”, they start the next one at the beginning of summer. Will became a Dragonfly (and has since been promoted to full Dragon), and Lucy became a Kangaroo!


I had my retreat, and chose to spend it at GitHub HQ in San Francisco. The company has an apartment, and my travel was covered. It was nice to see my friends in person!


Of course, every time I’m out of town, Becky whooshes the kids to the Tin Shed for at least one dinner.


The Swanks stole Lucy and Will for a last-minute overnighter, so Becky rounded up some friends for an evening on the town!


The kids made “grass heads” at the Ag Fest. This is what they look like after growing a while. (The grass heads. Well, the kids too, I suppose.)


The Brasiers’ birthday present to the kids was a craft kit with paint, salt, and glue. The kids had a blast doing it!


Some families arrived early for the Jenson reunion, so we met up at Kevin and Erika’s house to help with their raspberry problem, showed them one of our favorite kid-friendly hangouts, and grabbed some dinner at Rogue.


We leveled up our coffee game by signing up for BrewPony. I’m a happy man.


My CrossFit Basic test happened to be on the same night as Lucy’s dance recital, so unfortunately I missed it. But the kids got to come watch me prove myself for a while, and did some of the exercises from the sidelines. (I almost made it. Stay tuned.)


We went out for the Addams Family, which is way better than you’d expect from a Broadway adaptation of a 50-year-old TV show. This is the only surviving photo, and it’s from the fountain across the street from the theater.


It’s Cute ‘n fluffy puppy time!


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