Jenson Reunion: La Pine Evening

For our final evening all together we headed down to my parent’s property in La Pine, Oregon, for an outdoor bonding adventure.  Here’s all the cousins modeling their hand-drawn tee-shirts:


Time for a walk-about with Grandpa!  Follow the leader!


Pushing over dead trees has been a favorite activity for years and years.


A big ole fire was built and when the coals were perfect in went the foil packet dinners:


It was quite a feast!


Time for the grand event: the family showcase!  We opened the show by leading everyone in the silly song/dance “The Button Factory”:


It was a big hit!


Other family members took turns telling stories, doing little skits, singing, and dancing:


Grandma called up all the cousins to lead us in a silly fruit song and dance:


The highlight of the evening was the surprise skit: “Little Grandpa”, performed by the grandparents.  I acted as narrator and led Little Grandpa through a series of actions with hilarious results:


At the end I invited each cousin to pick themselves up off the ground and wipe away their laughter tears and come give Little Grandpa a hug goodnight:


It was a hilarious and enjoyable evening and an excellent way to end our time together.

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