Kid-Parent Retreat: Ben & Lucy

Every three months, we take an entire weekend and split into pairs for some intensive bonding time. We call them “kid-parent retreats”, and I love them. Smaller groups are a lot easier to manage and transport, and it’s a lot easier to worry about one other person’s needs than three. This time around, Becky and Will were the pair leaving town, and Lucy and I were staying home.

Becky and Will left for their retreat after dinner on Friday, so the first thing Lucy and I did was to set up our camping spot downstairs. It’s become a tradition with us to have a slumber party in the theater.


Our first adventure the next day didn’t start until mid-morning, and our internal clocks were stuck on ‘weekday’. So we made breakfast and hung out in our pajamas with Skywishes and Pinkie Pie for a while.


Then it was time to get dressed…


…and do the hair.


We then drove to a flower farm outside of Canby. Why? Because they have a train.


We arrived just as they were opening up, and the day hadn’t warmed up yet, so the place was all ours.


Afterwards, we drove back to Portland, and enjoyed a picnic lunch in the Oaks Park parking lot.


And went roller skating.


Lucy had been ice skating before, but this was her first time on wheels. She was terrified, but so determined. Here she is after 90 minutes of laser-focused, self-directed practice, and only a little hand-holding from me.


She made it twice around the rink all by herself. To celebrate, we watched movies and went to sleep in the basement.

The next morning we slept in till 9; the theater doesn’t have any windows. Lucy chose our breakfast.


Then we changed into swimsuits and spent two hours at our favorite neighborhood pool. Lucy’s swim lessons have been very productive, and we spent two hours playing, splashing, and hanging out.


Afterwards, we went home, put together something brunchy for the next morning, and trucked out to the coast to meet Will and Becky.

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