Swim Lessons

This summer we enrolled the kids in 2 two-week long daily swim courses at the historic Peninsula Pool near us.  It was a bit rough getting them from school to lessons, then showered, then home in time for dinner every day, but the payoff was worth it.  These guys advanced in their skills and overall comfort in the water more than we could have even hoped for!  We are super proud.

First session images:


Second session images:


They both had such a great time!  We are taking the Fall sessions off, due to lots of travel, but plan to enroll them both for Winter session (in the local indoor pool, of course).

One thought on “Swim Lessons

  1. WOW, the photos showed what swimmers Will & Lucy have done. Wish we were nearer so we could watch you two growing and changing, learning new sports. GREAT JOB!!!!

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